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What is Custom Condoms?

This is a condom giveaway service that allows individuals and businesses market themselves super cheap and effective.

Custom Condoms is a fun, inexpensive and above all a very effective way to be seen. Among the companies who used condoms to spread their message, we find Securitas, Metro, Veolia, DHL and local governments.

Why Custom Condoms?

Our product is incredibly cheap and sensational, in a positive way, in comparison to other giveaway products such as pens. Profile Condoms are ideal for those who normally use giveaways in marketing or exposure of goods or services. Replace your boring giveaways and profile yourself with condoms instead! For who's talking about what cool pen you got at the fair?

If you choose us, you can be sure that the product you receive is produced under fair conditions . We do not use low-wage countries and our products are manufactured and packaged in Sweden.

Thanks to massive purchases from world leading condom manufacturers we offer Custom condoms at a great cheap price without affecting quality. This is important for you, your interested parties and of course to us because we want you to become a repeat customer.


There are a couple of options. Either you can print your idea or message on a wrapper or you can print on the actual foil (new). Printing on the foil is often preferred, however if you have more than just a logo you want to share printing on a wrapper might be the best option since you get a lot of printing space.


We adapt the delivery time to your deadline. Fastest possible delivery time is 10 bank days + courier shipping time (usually 2-4 days within EU).


The paper we use is a real thick and weather consistent paper that comes with a glossy finish that gives a good finish and color reproduction. Technically, the 270 grams of silk used, which we think is perfect for the purpose. If for some reason you want to have an even thicker paper for your purposes, this can be arranged at no extra cost.


custom condom This service is as much for individuals as for businesses. The product will be a superb addition to Halloween, New Years, or Midsummer Festival. Or, how fun wouldn´t it be to give name condoms to the guests at your party? You can also buy condoms with your own unique package and resell them with your own "brand".

Other questions? Contact us by email here .

Custom Condoms is a service from Condom King® .

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Condoms with advertising extremely cheap
From incredible 0.29 € / per condom (or EVEN cheaper if you sell a part of the surface to us), you can spread your message or expose your business in a way that people will remember.

Prices (wrapper)

Total price below is all you pay for your condoms (plus shipping from Sweden). We charge nothing extra for colors or packaging.

Amount 20 50 100 500 1000 3000 5000 10000+
Price 1.20 € 1.00 € 0.93 € 0.41 € 0.35 € 0.34 € 0.32 € 0.29 €
Total 24 € 50 € 93 € 205 € 350 € 1020 € 1600 € 2900 €
Total with VAT 30 € 630 € 116 € 256 € 437 € 1275 € 2000 € 3625 €
25% VAT will only be added for private consumers and companies not having a valid VAT number.