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The condoms

The condoms we use for this service is world class. Default is the KUNG® condom which has the best fit and extra lubricant for added security.

The manufacturer of KUNG ® is Pasante which is a NHS (National Health Service in England) supplier. In numbers terms, this means distribution of over 60 million condoms per year (far more than most british NHS distributors) and this in Britain alone. The condoms we provide in connection with this service is not so-called budget condoms rather it is really world class condoms . Our fantastic prices is not about compromising on quality rather it has to do with our gigantic purchases of at least half a million condoms each time.

Options in the choice of condom

There are other variants than the KUNG®-condom. We can offer flavoured condoms without much additional cost. This is especially for those who know your audience well and believe that the extra added value is greater than the additional cost. We can offer the following flavour options: Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Blueberry, Mint, or a mix of all. You make your choice at order page . The total cost, except shipping, is presented on that very page.

Learn more about Pasante, their flavor condoms and KUNG here (condomking.eu).

Kung kondom
KUNG® (King) is the condom that our clients normally choose. However, there are alternatives with aromas and flavors of both banana and strawberry.