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We started the Custom Condoms (as a spin-off service to www.condomking.eu) 2007. Since then, hundreds of companies and individuals have discovered how smart, affordable and fun it is to use our service to spread their message or brand.

Our clients are both huge multinational corporations and small student associations and individuals. As an example of a large company we can name DHL, which has operations in virtually the entire world. Of course they want to send the message that they provide "safe" deliveries!

As you can imagine, the purpose of using condoms give aways are different. Some use our customers use condoms to advertise their site while others want to draw attention to a brand, product or service.

These are some of our customers. We have clients from many different industries.

Bandit referens
Bandit radio channel, or MTG who own the radio channel, is spreading the message "We play what we want".
Slangakuten referens
This giveaway created guaranteed dimples of the recipient. Would a lanyard do it?
Metro daily referens
"The best things in life are free" - as it says on one of the condoms that the free newspaper Metro handed out.